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EP3 Studios

Art of Erik Pinto to Portraits by Pinto

I know some of you must think I'm having an identity crisis or something, and in a way maybe I am just a little. We started out as Art of Erik Pinto, then Muertos Art, and finally Portraits by Pinto. Each one offered a slightly different service or style. Art of Erik Pinto was more for your fan art and pop painting, Muertos Art is my Dia De Los Muertos stuff and Portraits by Pinto is my portrait commissions, but now we are all under one name, a more simple solution: EP3 Studios and even simpler  

Why EP3 Studios?

Why EP3 Studios? Well, the obvious answer is the three aspects of my artwork, but there is also a more personal reason, my children. 2 of my 5 kids, my 2 babies Ethan and Elinor Pinto, were given their names to have the same initials as me, and so we have EP3 Studios. 

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